Friday, 25 January 2013

Turtles Can't Fly

A few of days ago I had an idea for an old drawing I had done. This is that idea! I've never attempted to do a comic before, actually I've never attempted to do anything that involved sequence before, so I thought I would give it a go.

I think it turned out quite well, I didn't want to make it too complicated so i decided to stick to just pictures. I think the story is fairly easy to understand anyway so words weren't really necessary.

Eventually I'm gonna turn this into a mini printed version with a front cover, but for now this will have to do as I have a few others things I need to get done. I will definitely be doing more work like this so if you like it keep checking back!


  1. amazing! is this for the raygun zine competition on water? if it isnt-it should be :). I wanted to make one but have never done a comic before and dont know where to start

    josie x

    1. Thanks! funny you should say that, it wasn't to start with but then after I came up with the idea I realised that it had a lot of water in it, so it is now :) neither have I, this literally just fell into place, its a lot easier than it looks, you should give it a go!