Thursday, 22 March 2012

First one done!

I've finally finished the first print for my Revelation series, this one is of death, the fourth horseman. I've added a lot more detail since my last post about it and also played around with a few of the colours. Just so it didn't look too flat and boring I decided to add a paper texture over the top of the image, as well as giving the image a border, I thought that pulling bits out so they overlapped the border also made it look more interesting, it also meant I wasn't losing parts of hades when i cropped it.

Now I know how I'm doing these prints the others shouldn't take as long, I've already began to draw up the rough for famine so expect that one soon.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Bit of Colour In Death

I've added some colour to my Death image for the four horsemen series, I've also started adding some highlights to the image. This is a little different to what I've done before, kind of wanted to challenge myself and see if I can make my images look more detailed when using colour in photoshop.

its nearly finished so I'll put the final version up when its done,

Also im on facebook now, would appreciate a like or two, Alex Art 

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Death Looking Rough

 The rough visual for one of my four horsemen pieces, this is the image depicting death.

Its taken me so long to develop the horses, I didn't realise they were such a pain in the arse to draw! Anyway I'm pretty pleased with how its looking at the moment, I'm gonna add a few bits to the empty spaces, to make them look less empty and possibly put a building on the right hand side to fill up that space.

hopefully I'll have this finished, or at least another one roughed up by next week. watch this space.